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About This Luxury Car

Range Rover Vogue is just the car from the very beginning type of car amongst Range rover variants. This is the best muscular SUV from Range Rover’s range of SUVs. The best part about travelling by road is that it gives you so much power to explore the city form another perspective. The engine power of this car is 45.0 V8 supercharged vogue engine. With the horsepower of 2500 to 5500 RPM. This car is triple rowed seating alignment which has 7 occupant’s spacious cabin. With the luggage capacity of around 591 liters. This monstrous car has the power to accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6seconds. Our team stays connected for roadside assistance 24/7. Our car gives you daily mileage of around 250KM.We offer you premium cars with exclusive services like free pickup and drop off and free cancellation facility at an event of emergency. 1937 rentals provide their services over cash or credit card for the ease of their clients.


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